Pilates for Runners                    
Longer strides, more stamina, and taller with less chance of injury….

Runners do Pilates because it builds long, strong muscles, improves their flexibility and lessens their risk of injury. Pilates opens the vertebrae in the lower back and helps prevent the sort of back injuries that often stem from the constant impact involved in running.

Good runners run tall. They don't hunch or lean, they don't push with their hips or tighten through the neck and shoulders. They avoid pounding the ground with every stride. Their movement is smooth and light. There is an economy and an integrity to their form.

By combining the benefits that running offers to those of Pilates, you are sure to have a well-rounded and complete fitness program.

  • Greater strength and muscle tone 
  • Improves performance during physical activities 
  • More efficient respiratory and circulatory systems 
  • More upright posture 
  • A flatter stomach and trimmer waist 
  • Improved flexibility 
  • Less incidence of injury and back pain 
  • Increased joint mobility 
  • Stress and tension relief 
  • Heightened concentration and mental focus 

Strong runners pay attention. The run isn’t an excuse to zone out with music, it’s as a chance to stretch themselves physically. Have you explored the feel of your feet on the ground, how balanced your head is on your neck and spine, whether a mild ache in your leg causes you to run more heavily than you’d wish, whether your ankles and knees are releasing in sequence, if your breathing patterns change as the workload becomes more demanding. This approach makes running as much a mental activity as a physical one - very much like Pilates.

Just as you arrive at your Pilates Session with an expectation that the session ahead will be a process of learning and discovery, so a run can be seen as an act of creativity: staying present, responding intelligently to the situation, finding alternative ways to achieve your goal. Every run is different - just like every Pilates class.

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