Pilates for Riders                       

Does your instructor use these phrases over and over each lesson?

  • Look up 
  • Shoulders back 
  • Relax your back 
  • Deepen your seat
  • Move your leg forward or back
  • Keep your legs still, keep your body upright

With Pilates you'll be better able to perform the movements your instructors asks for. You'll build a strong core, while increasing strength and flexibility. Pilates also emphasizes smooth, flowing movement, and proper breathing. Become aware of where your body is in space and how best to control its movement.

Work off the horse to improve your riding!

Pilates is similar to riding in that many exercises involve asymmetrical movements on a moving platform for carry-over effect.

  • Create a deeper seat. 
  • Make your legs independent.
  • Increase leg and body length. 
  • Avoid collapsing and bouncing in the saddle. 
  • Hold jumping form. 
  • Absorb your horse’s movement. 
  • Be confident and safe. 

Is one of these picture you?
These are typical forms in all styles of riding - which one would you like to be?

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