About Us 

Equinox Pilates is owned by Megan Soske, a Certified Pilates Instructor & competitive rider for more than 40 years. 

Megan is certified by Balanced Body University (BBU). She received her apparatus training from Tom McCook, of BBU and the Physical Mind Institute. She continues to take workshops around the country and to explore alternative systems, such as the Franklin Method.

A competitive rider for her entire life, Megan began taking Pilates to improve her riding. Tight and unbalanced muscles inhibited her performance, and through Pilates she transformed her body and now competes at a new level. She considers the understanding she achieved through overcoming her own musculature and posture challenges to be one of her greatest assets when teaching others.

Megan has competed and coached others in western, equitation, combined training (preliminary level) and she is currently competing in dressage at the 4th-Level.


Choose between private, semi-private, and group sessions. Prices range from $20-$80 per session depending on locations - so call to ask what will work for you,

Classes available near you,

  • Equinox Pilates (Pacific Equestrian Center), Wilton (Elk Grove)

  • Equinox Pilates, Loomis

  • EPY Center, Sacramento 

  • Balance Point, Davis 

  • Weekly Mat Classes also offered at Willow Creek Horse Park, Davis
    and at H.A.P.P.Y. Horse, Clements 

916-548-6948 | :info@equinoxpilates.net