Welcome To Equinox Pilates!                    

Pilates engages the mind and body for a full body workout. A comprehensive system of exercises, Pilates was designed to balance the body’s muscles, strengthen the core and create a flexible, strong, body.

Unlike workouts that stress exercising to exhaustion, 
Pilates focuses on executing movements with good form to retrain the mind and muscles. The technique encompasses more than 500 controlled, precise movements that can be executed on a mat or on spring-resistance equipment, so boredom is never a problem! 

Pilates will provide you with an appropriate challenge whatever your level of fitness or physical limitation.  It transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs, building strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender legs and flat abs. 

Who can benefit?

  • Men and women of all ages 

  • Beginners to professional athletes can improve their physical condition and minimize injuries. 

  • Great for those with chronic conditions such as neck and back pain, multiple sclerosis, cumulative trauma disorders and more.

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